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Elbow type

Selling Elbow is categorized based on various design features as below:

Sell ​​Elbow Long Radius (LR) - radius 1.5 times the diameter of the pipe

Sell ​​Radius Elbow Sort (SR) Elbows - radius is 1.0 times the diameter of the pipe

90 Degrees Selling Elbow - where the change of direction needed is 90 °

45 Degrees Selling Elbow - where the change of direction needed is 45 °

90 degree elbows are also called "90 bends" or "90 el". This is a fitting that is bent in such a way as to produce a 90 degree change in the direction of flow in the pipe. This is used to change the direction of the piping and is also sometimes called a "quarter bend". Sell ​​90 degree Elbow easily installed on plastic, copper, cast iron, steel and tin. It can also stick to rubber with stainless steel clamps. It is available in many materials such as silicon, rubber compounds, galvanized steel, etc. The main application for Selling Elbow (90 degrees) is to connect the hose to the valve, water pressure pump and deck water channel. Selling this Elbow can be made from strong nylon or NPT yarn.

Selling 45 degree Elbows is also called "45 bends" or "45 ell". These are usually used in water supply facilities, food industry pipelines, chemical industry pipelines, electronic industrial pipelines, air conditioning facilities pipes, agricultural and garden transportation systems, pipelines for solar energy facilities, etc.

Most Selling Elbows are available in variants of short radius or long radius.

Sell Pipa Spindo
Our CV. Tunggal Perkasa is a company that sells Pipe Spindo with various types of sizes and various types that can be used according to your needs. The Spindo pipe is a high quality and durable steel pipe because it already has SNI standards which means it has been recognized by the Indonesian State. We sell Pipe Spindo with pipe sizes, among others, as follows:
Sell Pipe Spindo Thin Size
Sell Medium Size Spindo Pipe
Sell Thick Size Spindo Pipe
For the Spindo Pipe that we sell, it can be used for various construction purposes such as building, warehouse and others. So if you are looking for Spindo Pipe, don't hesitate to contact us, because we are CV. Tunggal Perkasa Selling high quality Spindo Pipe. For information on ordering specifications, product details and selling prices of Pipe Spindo please contact us to find out availability.

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