Iron Pipe Construction
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10 Mar 2021
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1 meter

Specification of Iron Pipe Construction

pipe Construction

Pipa is a cylindrical hole shaped object with a hole in the middle is made of metal or other materials as a means of drainage or transport fluid is a liquid, gas or air.
The flowing fluid has a temperature and pressure vary.
Pipes usually determined by its face while 'TUBE' is one type of pipe that is determined based on the outer diameter.

The following products - products that we sell:

- Elbow drat
- Tee drat
- D-NEPPLE drat
- Drat socket
- Dop drat
- Reducer drat
- V-ring drat

Fitting Type drat:
# 150
# 300
# 3000
Threaded fittings brand:
TSP, JZ, Galunggung, Import

- Elbow Las
Elbow Las SGP,
Elbow Las STD,
Elbow Las SCH 40,
Elbow Las SCH 80, and
Elbow Las SCH 160.
- Tee Las
Tee Las SGP,
Tee Las STD,
Tee Las SCH 40,
Tee Las SCH 80, and
Tee Las SCH 160.

- Reducer Las
Reducer Las SGP,
Reducer Las SCH 40,
Reducer Las SCH 80.
- Dop Las
Dop Las SGP,
Dop Las SCH 40,
Dop Las SCH 80.

Fitting Las brands:
FKK, Ricon, Benkan, Import

Not only that, we also sell:

- Steel bar
- Iron elbow
- Iron H-beam
- Iron WF
- Iron US

- Plat Black
- Plat Ships
- Plat Bordes
- Plat Strip
- Stainless Steel Plate
- Channel UNP
- Channel CNP

Iron Brand:
Krakatau Steel (KS), Gunung Garuda (GG), Ispat, Import

- Flange Jis
Jis Flange 10K,
Jis Flange 16K, and
Jis Flange 20K.

- Flange Slip On:
Flange Slip On # 150,
Flange Slip On # 300, and
Flange Slip On # 600.
- Flange PN:
Flange PN 10,
Flange PN 16,
Flange PN 25, and
Flange PN 40.

- Flange Welding Neck:
Flange WN # 150,
Flange WN # 300,
Flange WN # 600, and
WN Flange PN16.

- Galvanized Pipes
Medium Galvanized pipe SNI,
Galvanized Welded Pipe Sch 40,
Galvanized pipe Sch 40 Seamless,
Seamless Galvanized pipe Sch 80, and
Galvanized pipe Seamless.

- Pipe Black
Pipes Black Medium,
Pipes Black Medium sni, and
Black Welded Pipe SCH 40.
- Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe
Carbon Steel Pipe SCH 40 Seamless,
SCH 80 pipe Seamless Carbon Steel, and
Carbon Steel Pipe SCH 160 Seamless.

- Pipe Boiler
Boiler Pipe ST35,
Boiler Pipe 8 DIN 17 178 ST 35,
Boiler Pipe 8 Grade 1, and
Boiler Pipe EN 10216 P-235 GH.
- Pipe Tubing
Hydraulic Tubing pipe, and
Pipe Stainless Steel Tubing.

- Stainless Steel Pipes
Pipe Stainless Steel SUS 304,
Pipe Stainless Steel SUS 316, and
Pipe Stainless Steel SUS 201.
- PVC pipe
PVC pipe D, and
AW PVC pipe.

Pipes brands:
Spindo, Bakrie, PPI, ISTW, Wavin, Rucika, Valourex Mannesman, Benteller, Nippon Sumitomo Tubos

- Gate Valve
- Ball Valve
- Globe Valve
- Check Valve
- Strainer Valve
- Butterfly Valve
- Foot Valve
- Flexible Rubber
- Preassure Gauge

Valve Brand:
Kitz, Showa, Yone, Arita, Tozen, Yuta, Nagano, Yoshitake, Wika, Gala, Onda, Mizu, Honeyweel, Import

Please contact us at:

Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 117 Blok C / 18, Jakarta, Indonesia.
08176693152, 0216264017, 0216590393 (Mr. Devin)




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Sell Pipa Spindo
Our CV. Tunggal Perkasa is a company that sells Pipe Spindo with various types of sizes and various types that can be used according to your needs. The Spindo pipe is a high quality and durable steel pipe because it already has SNI standards which means it has been recognized by the Indonesian State. We sell Pipe Spindo with pipe sizes, among others, as follows:
Sell Pipe Spindo Thin Size
Sell Medium Size Spindo Pipe
Sell Thick Size Spindo Pipe
For the Spindo Pipe that we sell, it can be used for various construction purposes such as building, warehouse and others. So if you are looking for Spindo Pipe, don't hesitate to contact us, because we are CV. Tunggal Perkasa Selling high quality Spindo Pipe. For information on ordering specifications, product details and selling prices of Pipe Spindo please contact us to find out availability.

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