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Iron H Beam Type INP Krakatau Steel (KS)

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27 Feb 2023
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1 unit/meter
Besi H-Beam

Specification of Iron H Beam Type INP Krakatau Steel (KS)

Iron H Beam

Typically, iron is equipped with a H-shaped cross section and are often used as retaining structures, piling, and concrete composite. Basically, steel H beam is one of the steel beams are often referred to as hot rolled. For those of you who were looking for him to make you stand firm building perfectly. Iron H beam are needed to create order out of your building to be able to stand strong durable.

Sell Iron Best Quality

H Beam iron is iron for buffer is sufficiently strong and durable particular types of iron I Beam INP to make the building more solid robust and durable in various weather and circumstances. This makes the Iron H Beam enough demand for proven quality.

Types of Iron:

- Steel bar

- Iron elbow

- Iron H-beam

- Iron WF (Wide Flange)

- Iron US

Iron Brand:

Krakatau Steel (KS), Gunung Garuda (GG), Ispat, Import

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