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Specification of Brass Valve tunggal perkasa .

Valve Brass

It is hard to imagine a Plant, retinal oil, foodstuff processing plants, dairies and so without the use of Valve. Valve is very widely used and so well known that a very familiar in its use. Knowing the important functions tusen foot valve or valve that is on the suction pipe water pump engine certainly will not miss this one component at each installation jetpump, shallow wells or semi jetpump. Brass Valves

Best Selling Valve

Valve itself is a valve or perangakat installed on the pipeline system that serves to organize and direct the fluid flow rate by opening and closing some fluid flow. The use of this valve will be enough to have an important role is therefore very important for industrial valve construction purposes to control the flow in the pipe.

Types of Valve:

- Gate Valve

- Ball Valve

- Globe Valve

- Check Valve

- Strainer Valve

- Butterfly Valve

- Foot Valve

- Flexible Rubber

- Preassure Gauge

Valve Brand:

Kitz, Showa, Yone, Arita, Tozen, Yuta, Nagano, Yoshitake, Wika, Gala, Onda, Mizu, Honeyweel, Import

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